There are a million and more ways to represent the landscape and any level of complexity.

The map is not the territory. The virtual world is not the real world.

The real world is fractal. And the real world is in constant motion.

The sum total of its vibration was long ago identified by yogis in deep meditation. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I would experiment with submitting further: substitute the word model for map – more 3-dimensional and dynamic, much more convincing. But nevertheless the same applies. You cannot understand the part without understanding the whole. In the case of universal truth we may refer most readily to the learned scholars of wisdom. Or we may refer to 'science', whose maps use completely different words yet these are intended to describe essentially the same thing – the rules that apply everywhere.

Another dimension of this puzzle: we all have personal maps drawn from our unique mental-visual and emotional-feeling history. It could be a serious problem if the only data for your map of a particular important life area – say, nutritional health – comes from the authority of scientific priesthoods – whether this means medical authorities, the learned wisdom of your government's health dept. expertly dumbed down to your level, or the insights gained from the Daily Mail.

But on close inspection still a map' and far from the ultimate truth of the matter. So on a side-note, the same applies to science as a whole – there are as many possible models as there are combinations of all the languages, intelligences, prejudices etc. etc. in human beings

Here's 3 maprepresentations of my 'hood. The map on the right is mine. Which map would you find most useful? IMAGES: Googlemap topography / roadmap view / Voedselbos graphic The mistake that many make: a map should never be used as a representation of truth, it is wholly inadequate and downright misleading for this purpose. I would go as far as to see at the root of the dangerous division and disfunction playing itself out in our world. throughout cA map is intended as a tool for understanding a particular slice of the real world. For that it's brilliant.